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meet our MANAGEMENT team

Fresh Cut Digital Ltd is the dream of ours to help SME's grow their business and achieve their dreams through their online presence.

We are a digital agency who thrives on challenging the status quo. We remove unnecessary costs and offer lower prices than other similar agencies, which is why we’d love to hear from you if you're looking for an innovative way of working. We were there once, so we understand and love to help others get to their goals.






Dominic Cummins - The Apex Path

The way you see systems is at genius level! How you are able to understand a problem, see how to solve it with a system, and then build it is phenomenal.

Louise Freeman - Carer Connect

Catching up on all the info today and seeing the launch emails in all their new livery, and the blog email is so exciting; they all look brilliant and everything has come to life ! Find it hard to believe that all of this has been completed by such a small group of people ( please take that in the spirit its intended; have seen much less be produced by a much larger group of people )!

Hellen Tonetti - Make Digital Work

Lee-Anne has helped myself and my clients with a variety of services including email campaigns...web copy...sales copy...ebooks , social media copy, whitepapers and ad copy. Always delivers but most importantly cares that she delivers exceptional copy and service to clients

Lorraine Jones - Big Leap

Thank you very much for the immense amount of effort and energy you gave throughout this project.